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365 Hrs
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10th, November 2020
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Learn Cybersecurity the right way from this Certification Program with ICTAK and defend the world's biggest companies from phishers, hackers, and cyber attacks.


In an incredibly stressful job search, the idea of landing on one job often seems impossible. Now, ICTAK offers you 3 chances for job interviews.  

Why Cybersecurity?

More and more businesses today require skilled Cybersecurity professionals to stop phishers, hackers, and cybercriminals in their tracks. This has led to a huge demand for Cybersecurity professionals, but the supply has not kept up. Thanks to this gap, there are many highly paid job opportunities for Cybersecurity professionals.


Who is this program for?

  • Students seeking a transition to the Cybersecurity domain from any background
  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to enhance their skillsets
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn Cybersecurity to safeguard their venture
  • Enthusiasts looking to enter the exciting world of Cybersecurity



140 hours of blended virtual training Platform for real-time discussions Industry expert sessions.

100 hours project

Placement Assistance

Virtual internship in TCS iON -    125 hours

Certified Cyber Security Analyst

This course will introduce students to Cyber Security Fundamentals, Careers in Cyber Security, and understand the real-world cybersecurity challenges that organizations face today. Students will learn to apply this knowledge and gains skills to address them. This course focuses on hands-on activities, and students are encouraged to participate in public & industry cybersecurity challenges.

  • Outline the Cyber Security Domain
  • Identify the basic concepts and terminologies used in the information and cybersecurity field
  • Describe Cyber Security Standards and Frameworks Associated with Cyber Security Career and demand to Explain the Cybersecurity life Cycle
  • Differentiate various Malwares effects the environment Distinguish and demonstrate various Cyber Attacks

Learning Outcome

  • A good understanding of the Cyber Security Domain.
  • Follow a structure model to Explore the Cybersecurity life Cycle
  • Follow various standards followed by the Industry
  • Detect various attacks and Apply Preventive Mechanisms.
  • Good clarity on various job roles in the domain
  • A good understanding of various Malware affects the environment

Detailed Course Agenda

  • Cyber Security fundamentals
  • The history of Cyber Security
  • What is Cyber Security? • Differences between Information Security and Cyber Security.
  • Why is Cyber Security important?
  • Why do we need Cyber Security?
  • Cyber Security objectives
  • Cyber Security Principles
  • Cyber Security Challenges
  • Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • What needs to be done to address Cyber Security?
  • Essential Cyber Security Terminologies
  • Cyber Security Standards
  • Types of Cybersecurity Framework, NIST Framework
  • Introduction to Careers in Cyber Security
  • Working with Cyber Security
  • Education required for Careers in Cyber Security
  • Career Path in Cyber Security, Required Skills
  • Jobs and Application Areas
  • How the market demand for Cyber Security Professionals?
  • Cyber Attack Life Cycle, Reconnaissance
  • Weaponization, Delivery, Exploitation, Installation
  • Command and Control, Actions on Objectives
  • Building Secure Hacking Lab
  • VirtualBox Installation
  • Kali Linux Installation
  • Common Types of Cyber Attacks
  • Network Security Attacks • Web Application Attacks
  • Zero-Day Exploit


Self-Paced Learning
75 Hrs
Live Learning
65 Hrs
140 Hrs
Project100 Hrs  at the end of each Part
Internship @ TCS iON

125 Hrs at TCS iON

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